DOWA established “Midterm Plan 2020” for FY2018 (the year ended March 31, 2019) through FY2020 (the year ended March 31, 2021) on November 2017.

DOWA considers its sustainable growth to be important to continue to develop as a valuable social entity that contributes to its shareholders, customers, employees and local communities. Based on Midterm Plan 2020, DOWA will aim to build businesses equipped with stability and growth potential by strengthening the business base and aggressively investing its management resources.

Basic policies

Expand businesses in growth markets

Aggressively invest management resources in markets for “automobiles,” “information and communication,” “environment and energy” and “healthcare.”

Increase competitiveness of existing businesses

Enhance the earning power of existing businesses by increasing competitiveness in the mature domestic markets and improving the functions in the recycling and smelting complex.

Financial Data

Ordinary income(FY2020)

50 billion yen

Operating income(FY2020)

45 billion yen


12% or more


10% or more

Operating CF(three years)

120 billion yen

Investment(three years)

110 billion yen

R&D expenses(three years)

20 billion yen