April 20, 2021


DOWA THERMOTECH CO., LTD. (headquarters: 14-1, Sotokanda 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; capital: 1.0 billion yen; president: TSUJI Ryuji; hereinafter “DOWA THERMOTECH”), a subsidiary of DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (headquarters: same as above; capital: 36.4 billion yen; president: SEKIGUCHI Akira; hereinafter “DOWA”), has received the Technology & Development Award from Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Toyota”). The award, which is granted to suppliers that facilitate manufacturing with innovative technologies, has been given to DOWA THERMOTECH, because Toyota highly evaluated efforts and achievements made by the company with regard to the SS Vacuum Carburizing Furnace that it co-developed with Toyota.


Production on the heat treatment line has generally been implemented in bulk quantities through 24-hour non-stop operation in a dedicated area separated from a machining line, where lots of large equipment is installed. The SS Vacuum Carburizing Furnace, which DOWA THERMOTECH co-developed with Toyota, can be installed as part of a machining line because it enables manufacturers to conduct small lot production through the adoption of the multi-cell type while simultaneously reducing treatment time. As a result, manufacturers can implement production in sync with the machining underway in the preceding and next lines, and produce products in the necessary as needed. Thanks to the adoption of small lot production, manufacturers can also expect to reduce variation in quality, to shorten lead times and to cut costs. In addition, this heat treatment equipment contributes to the creation of a clean operating environment and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions through the application of the vacuum carburizing technology. As such, the conventional heat treatment process is expected to improve dramatically.


Toyota succeeded in reducing man-hours and shortening operating time in its heat treatment lines while simultaneously maintaining productivity by introducing the SS Vacuum Carburizing Furnace in 2020. In addition, with losses due to non-operation and inventories expected to be curtailed, the equipment also contributes to the reduction of costs in the heat treatment lines.


DOWA THERMOTECH will continue to support customers from both intangible and tangible perspectives, going forward, and will provide one-stop solutions for heat treatment in the world.


・Head office : 19-1, Ukishima-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

・Representative : TSUJI Ryuji

・Founded : October 2006

・Capital : 1 billion yen

・Shareholder : DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. 100.0%

・Business outline : Design, manufacture, sale and maintenance of heat treatment equipment, heat treatment processing, surface treatment processing, and surface modification processing


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