Business model

Offering services ranging from provision of metal materials and high value-added materials to resource recycling

Based on technologies and experiences developed through the mining and smelting business, DOWA operates unique, recycling-oriented businesses ranging from the production of metals and the manufacturing of high-value-added materials to the recycling of waste.

Secure and efficient treatment / Extraction

DOWA contributes multilaterally to reducing the burden on the environment and creating a sustainable society.

The black ores, which were mined at the Kosaka mine, the birthplace of the DOWA group, contained a wealth of valuable metals such as silver and gold. However, there were also copper ores, which were difficult to process because they also contained many impurities. Through these experiences, DOWA developed refining technologies and an infrastructure, which enables extraction of all the metals that are complicatedly mixed in the ores. It is these technologies and infrastructure that form the core of DOWA’s metal recycling business. The DOWA group creates a large number of metals from diverse materials including not only ores but also e-scraps and end-of-life products.


In addition to recycling, DOWA provides a wide range of environmental services including waste treatment and soil remediation, thereby contributing multilaterally to reducing the burden on the environment and creating a sustainable society.

Increasing the value of metals

DOWA contributes to innovations in the electronics industry and the realization of a clean energy society.

DOWA’s Electronic Materials business, Metal Processing business, and Heat Treatment business started from the various processing of metals such as copper, precious metals, and iron.


Currently, DOWA is focusing on development for automobiles, information and communications equipment, and other products that undergo technical innovation and provides a large number of functional materials and processing services for a variety of final products. Materials from DOWA are used for achieving innovation in the electronics industry and the evolution of clean energy society.